From the Editor: Our Way

Photo by anatoliy_gleb/

Though I’m turning 40 next month and I’ve yet to marry, this is the 12th wedding issue I’ve produced. In a matter of no time, I could pretty much throw together a March Madness bracket’s worth of wedding vendor dream teams for your special day, depending on what you’re looking for, where, and when. Or two brackets. Or three. We have so many talented vendors and unique venues that it’s a snap to come up with a whole lot of people and businesses to make your wedding exactly what you want it to be, done your way.

When I became editor of Lavender in 2011, we reorganized the website and magazine with new categories. Things became more personal by putting “Our” in front of the various sections. “Our Lives,” “Our Scene,” “Our Causes,” “Our Homes,” and so many other ways to indicate that we’re in this together. This community has a membership full of people that are accountable to each other due to shared circumstances and experiences. And, as a community that’s moved from the fringe to the center with the legalization of same-sex marriage, it’s a community that has always celebrated our weddings “our way.” There were no examples out there for same-sex weddings. The pioneers who married each other before it was legal (or when it was legal in only certain states) did so with opposite-sex weddings as the standard, but really did it their own way as trailblazers. They gave us templates to use for weddings ever since, as do the people in these pages.

Such lovely people, such lovely weddings. And they did it their own way too. To give you a few things to think about, we’ve got E.B. Boatner considering whether or not to marry as an older person in 2017, Shane Lueck reporting on what’s trendy for wedding aisle fashion this year, and Kassidy Tarala telling us all about how to design your own wedding jewelry with Stephen Vincent Design Studio as well as giving plenty of options for venues, new and old.

Then, the weddings. Your weddings. Our weddings. The stories, the pictures, the love. Michael and Joel threw a big ol’ brunch for everyone. Tracy and Kristy had an official ceremony, a baby, and a celebration a year later. They did it their way.

Finally, be sure to see the Real Weddings that round out each wedding issue. Go online for additional pictures that didn’t fit into the print version and enjoy seeing the ceremonies, celebrations, and people who are still considered trailblazers in my book.

With you and with love,