From the Editor: Silver & Gold

We’ve got only a few of issues left in 2017: this Holiday Gift Guide, the Year End Issue with Lavender Community Awards, and the Pride Pages Directory. Two with editorial content and then the last one is full of resources for this community. So, I’m taking the time to shine a little light on Lavender Media as we just won a few more Minnesota Magazine and Publishing Association (MMPA) Excellence Awards for our trophy case and that is something
that never gets old.

For the last year, we proudly wore the crown of Magazine of the Year, having earned the title after winning a whole lot of these awards. This year, we took it easy and only went for a handful of them and came out with three winners: an article, a spread design, and a feature design. Not bad, folks. Not bad.

So, without further ado, I’d like to congratulate my colleagues, Hubert Bonnet and Mike Hnida, who do great design, layout, and photography for us and who are moving into doing more video production. They nabbed a silver and a gold. And I’d also like to congratulate our former assistant managing editor, Shane Lueck, for writing a piece worthy of a gold, that is a very important and lasting piece of research and history for this community.

With pride and with thanks,